Who is Bridge Point?

Bridge Point is a “bridge that gives us the opportunity to point people” towards Christ by developing relationships with them.”


Bridge Point gets its name from the idea that we all cross bridges in our life and like a bridge, we are as strong and healthy as the relationships we have with other people.  Bridge Point serves the Canton South, East Canton & Sandy Valley, Ohio communities.

Bridge Point is about  connecting people with hope!

Communities are strong if the members of that community are connecting and contributing to each other and the larger community as a whole.  Bridge Point provides not only a physical place to do this but the driving goal of allowing people to help make their community stronger.

Bridge Point focuses on relationships first without being heavy on Christ because that is how Jesus worked.  He got to know people first before He told them about his offer.  Bridge Point is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that serves the communities of Canton South, East Canton and Sandy Valley, Ohio.

Bridge Point Community Services
309 45th Street SW

Canton, Ohio 44706


Jeff Franks,  Executive Director
David George,  President
Scott Bacon,  Vice President
Travis Boyd, Treasurer